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Wood pellets:

energy content     17,205MJ/kg 
class      A1

We can organise the transport of wood pellets to your home.

Pellets can be ordered Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. by calling +386 5 757 32 20. After 3 p.m. you can reach us by calling +386 41 649 294.

Peleti ne vsebujejo nobenih dodatkov za vezavo.

Sold in 15 kg bags.


HO OPLA children chair



Plywood/veneer products:

We can produce different seats and rests in the process of manufacturing our wooden and metal chairs. At our client's wishes we can make bent elements for the furniture industry and interior design. The models, dimensions and selection of veneer can be adjusted to meet our clients' demands. The top layers of our products can be enriched by veneers of various trees (cherry, oak, beech, ash tree,…) or laminates in the colour of your choosing.     

  • Seats for bar chairs    
  • for sports halls
  • for schools, conference rooms   
  • one-part chairs - školjke
  • semi-manufactures 
  • seats 
  • plywood sheets of smaller dimensions


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